What is Lucky wheels?

Lucky Wheels Garage is a Do-It-Yourself Motorcycle Garage located just on the edge of downtown Los Angeles. We provide the space, equipment, and atmosphere for you to complete motorcycle-related projects ranging from oil changes to full custom builds. We welcome motorcycle enthusiasts of all skill and experience levels, and riders of any kind of scoot can find a home here. 

Lucky Wheels members get a 10% discount on all parts! We stock basic maintenance parts in store and can order anything from tires to exhaust systems. Every month, we offer a discount on a specific type of parts.

How can i use the shop?

weekday day pass - $35

weekend day pass - $45

weekday membership - $35/mo.

full access membership - $135/mo.

How do i sign up?

Click the membership tab at the top of the website, or pop by the shop and sign up in person! We'll be happy to give you a tour and explain how membership works.

Can i buy parts at lucky wheels?

Yes! We have a variety of parts in stock at all times including but not limited to inner tubes, spark plugs, oil, filters, etc. We can get most parts delivered within a few days. 

If you prefer to buy parts yourself online, feel free to have them shipped to the shop to make things easy.

What if i need help with my project?

We are always around to lend a set of hands. We will answer questions to the best of our ability, but we are not a repair shop. We strive to create a community with a wide variety of experience at Lucky Wheels and we encourage members to collaborate and assist each other with projects, from rebuilds to custom builds. If you require more assistance, the 1-on-1 rate is $50/hr.

How can i get my project to the shop?

We offer local bike pickup starting at $35. Give us a call to schedule a pickup. Rusted, busted, we'll take em!

What if i need a tool the shop doesn't have?

Let us know! If it's something that will be beneficial to Lucky Wheels members, we'll consider purchasing one for the shop!

What about consumables?

Your membership cost includes access to a variety of expendable items. We have lubricants, solvents, degreasers, and other consumables you may need from time to time. Your membership also includes common welding consumables. We have some tubing and other metal for sale, but if you need something specific call ahead or bring your own.

How can I learn to maintain my bike?

We offer basic classes for maintenance and fabrication! Check out the Classes page under the Events tab up top to see what we have coming up.